D-memo: State of the Dman 2017

Hey fellow D-men!

Hey guys, dman757 here with a hot-to-you update straight off the presses. In this episode of the Dmemo, I'm gonna tell you all about what I've been doing and where I was and who I was with. It'll be great!

Anyway before all that, I just wanna give a HUGE shout out to my sponsors, GYM SHARK and FitTEA for keeping me fit, healthy and alert. Use code DMAN757 for an extra 10% off!

So as some of you might know, I was in California all last week! Crazy! I slept on a train! Whoa!

Anyway, thats the whole update. Remember, like, comment and subscribe! Check out my soundcloud! :fire_emoji:

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See you next time, D-menonites!